Exploring Commercial Vehicles and Insurance Needs in New Zealand


Contractors and other commercial users routinely choose vans as their preferred business vehicles. While vans are, indeed, an ideal option for many businesses, there are some factors to consider carefully when selecting a commercial van. While initial costs are important, there are other factors that greatly impact the vehicle’s long-term costs.

Size and Weight Capacity

Many organisations choose the new breed of compact commercial vans for their businesses. In many cases, that’s a wise choice since initial costs, fuel requirements, and maintenance expenses are often lower for that class of van. However, if the van selected doesn’t truly meet the user’s needs, the frustrations created by not having adequate storage or hauling capacity offset any possible advantages.

Long-Term Expenses

While the initial cost of a work van is certainly an important consideration, it shouldn’t be the only one. Since commercial vans are expected to last for several years, exploring the on-going costs of ownership is vital when selecting a new van. Fuel costs, routine maintenance, and vehicle insurance in NZ all impact the total expense of ownership. When a specific make or model has maintenance requirements more stringent than competitors’ offerings, that additional expense can add up quickly. The cost of insurance also vary by make and model, so it pays to discuss those expenses with Hamilton insurance brokers prior to purchasing a new commercial van.

Customer Expectations

One item often overlooked is how clients’ expectations will be affected by the selected vehicle. While the importance of a plumber’s van might be to store tools and supplies, how a vehicle looks influences clients’ perceptions, suggesting that factor is certainly worth considering. Even the colour of the vehicle or the custom lettering applied can, and will, provide different levels of appeal to consumers.

Hamilton insurance brokers always suggest commercial van buyers discuss potential purchases with insurers well before making a van selection. Since commercial vehicle insurance in NZ is a necessity, its impact on overall operating costs is significant. While fuel costs, maintenance, and depreciation are always important, commercial vehicle insurance is vital to protecting the vehicle’s owner as well as other drivers sharing the road. For more information, contact Waikato Insurance Brokers or go to www.wibl.co.nz.


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